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Announcing Our Partnership with Jems

Condoms often get a bad reputation for ruining the mood, but they can help you feel more relaxed, enhance your pleasure, and be a great way to actively take care of your sexual health and bodily autonomy! 🔥

Bringing Condoms Back in Style

We know from a national youth survey that young people don't always use condoms consistently. Whether that's because people don't like the feeling of using condoms, want to feel "closer" to their partner(s) or show them that they "trust" them by not using a condom, or are too shy to ask about using condoms—or any other reason in-between, we know that condoms need a rebrand!

That's where Jems comes in. With their all-natural, no-preservatives, ultra-thin condoms, Jems has you covered and cumming prepared for any moment and a good time. 😉

About The Founders

Longtime friends, Whitney and Yasemin, noticed one day that the condom aisle looked outdated and problematic. They saw that traditional condom packaging reflected a limited view of sexuality—from unappealing aesthetics to messaging that perpetuates gender and sexual stereotypes. They didn't see themselves represented in the packaging and quickly realized that this probably made condoms unappealing for many young people too—including young women and queer and non-binary folks. They also saw that condoms had lots of ingredients and additives that aren't great for all bodies. So, they decided to challenge this!

They decided to pivot the condom industry to be more inclusive for all genders and sexualities and lead with female empowerment! This included making sure condoms and other safer sex products like lube were made with good, all-natural ingredients that feel good inside the body.

They created Jems, a womxn-owned safer sex company empowering young people to take control of their bodies and sexual autonomy. As mothers, they want to ensure that future generations have a much more open, informed and positive relationship with sex.  

An Obvious Match

Sexfluent is thrilled to announce our partnership with Jems, a safer sex brand with the best body-safe condoms and lube made of natural latex and pH-neutral 100% silicone.

Founded on the same principles: sex positivity, queer inclusivity, and the dismantling of patriarchal barriers around sexual health, we are proud to partner with a brand that so closely aligns with our values.

Our shared mission is to engage, educate and empower youth to celebrate condom use and safer sex practices. Jems is Sexfluent’s preferred choice of condom and lube.

Together, Jems and Sexfluent are cultivating a community that celebrates condom use and safer sex practices!

Check them out now at: Jems Condoms | Safer Sex For All (

We hope you make great memories!

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