Have safer sex with these tips!

What is safer sex and how can we have it?

Jems and Sexfluent present to you a Safer Sex Checklist to help guide you through your s-experiences! We hope these tips are helpful for you as you live and love on.  


When we say ‘safer,’ what do we mean?  

Healthy intimacy starts with respecting your own bodily autonomy. For Jems and Sexfluent, part of being safer is protecting ourselves, our feelings, and our bodies, including our genitals. This comes from practicing getting into a headspace where you're able to identify what you want and need, and articulate it.

Safer sex is about understanding the risks and rewards of sex. Self-knowledge, wisdom, sensuality, and information are tools that can help you practice what you need to experience what you desire.

The first step is knowing you’re worth it.


Start by asking yourself what you want and setting some expectations about what you're trying to get out of a situation. Whether you’re craving quick fun or something more, take the time you need to reflect intentionally and identify your desires. Remember, consent is mandatory.

Continue to check in with yourself when you’re alone and with others by asking if what you're doing aligns with what you want.


Communication is key. Safer sex is an ongoing and ever-evolving, partner-to-partner process. As long as we keep it 100 with each other and recognize the need for continuous conversation, we’re moving in a direction that allows space for hotter and healthier sexual encounters. 🔥

Minds change, it’s only natural. Stay current with yourself and your partner(s). Talk it out. Check in on consent.


After sharing what you need and listening to what your partner (or partners!) express(es), if you’re on the same page – it’s time! 💦

Prophylactics like Jems condoms protect against unwanted pregnancy, transmission of STIs, and unwanted bacteria. To reduce risk further, multiple forms of protection are recommended. PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is a daily medication that can reduce your chances of getting HIV. Birth control methods such as the pill, IUDs, and hormonal implants protect against unwanted pregnancy.  

A combination of these approaches is the best way to make sure we’re taking care of ourselves and those we rub up on. And don’t forget lube! Which not only feels amazing, lube keeps things smooth, preventing tears in your condoms and micro-abrasions on your skin. 💧

Ask your doctor or local sexual health clinic about how to access safer sex prescriptions such as PrEP and birth control. In the United States, FOLX Health can help you get PrEP from the comfort of your home. To find the closet sexual health clinic to you, check out our Sexual Health Resources page.


Even if you’ve been playing with protection, prioritize knowing your status. Every six months or anytime you think you may have been at risk, such as sleeping with a partner whose status you don't know and where forms of protection weren't used, test yourself and actively let people know—that level of transparency will encourage them to do it frequently too!

Bonus tip: Make a cute date out of it!  

Testing is simple and most sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are easy to treat. The sooner you detect and treat an infection, the better for your health and the health of others.

Note that some STIs have no symptoms, so even if you’re not feeling off, it’s important to get tested regularly.

If cost and/or privacy are a concern, search “free” “anonymous” “STI testing” + your city. Many areas offer free to low-cost private testing. You can find the closest testing site to you here.

At home, DIY testing is also a thing! In Canada, you can get FREE HIV Self-Tests from CATIE or I


Taking steps to have safer sex is about giving ourselves greater agency, relaxation and pleasure.

The more we practice it, the more these steps become second nature, and the more we can experience the best of what sex has to offer.

Put it on repeat and enjoy the ride. 🔥

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