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We get that talking about sex can feel awkward sometimes, so that’s why our approach to sexual health involves a lot of humour and not taking ourselves too seriously. We’re all a work in progress and sexual health (AKA life) isn’t about getting everything right all the time. It’s about learning along the way and doing the best we can with the tools we have in the moment, while being open to learning new things constantly. 

We know the world has changed A LOT since our parents’ days of dating... so we want to bring you real-life tips on navigating online dating and hookup apps, building healthy relationships and a consent culture, and even talk about masturbation as a way for you to feel comfortable with your body and learn what you like. All of these things can help us take better care of our sexual health.  

SEXUAL HEALTH IS about feeling empowered to make the decisions that feel right for you.

Sexual health is so much more than preventing HIV and STIs. We want to show you that there’s so many options and ways you can take your health into your own hands, while enhancing the pleasure you get out of your relationships, whatever they make look like. Ultimately, sexual health is about feeling empowered to make the decisions that feel right for you. 

We’re so excited to share our Modern Sex and Sexual Health sections with you. But don’t you worry, there’s more coming! Keep an eye out for some great content on mental health and harm reduction this fall. 

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