Everything you need to know about condoms

New to the whole condom thing? No problem, we’re here to help you get started!

  1. For external condoms, check to see that it looks like a little hat (the rim is facing the outside), then pinch the tip and roll it ALL the way down. If you accidentally put the condom on inside- out, no worries, just discard it and use a new one. Reduce, re-use, recycle does not apply here!
  1. For internal condoms, remove the inner ring if you’re putting it in your anus, and leave the ring in if you’re putting it inside your vagina or front hole. Either way, relax and get in a comfortable position and slide it in with your fingers. Make sure the condom isn't twisted inside and let the outer ring hang about an inch outside. It’s totally normal for the internal condom to move around a little during sex, but the penis/sex toy should be completely covered by the condom at all times. If it slips out of the condom into your vagina or anus, or if the outer ring gets pushed inside, just stop, re-adjust and gently remove the condom and put it back in place.
  1. For dental dams, place it over the vulva, front hole, or anus when giving oral sex and keep it in place You can have your cake and eat it too!

Looking for some more big tips on condoms? (pun intended😉) Check out below!  

  1. All condoms have an expiry date on them that tells you when it’s not safe to use it anymore. Check the date on the back, and don’t use an expired condom!
  1. Only use one condom at a time — wearing more than one at the same time can cause them to break. And broken condoms don’t work! Sometimes they fall off or break during sex, so check to see it’s still on when you’re having sex. If it comes off or breaks, just open a new one.
  1. Make sure you use a new condom every time you have sex. You can only use a condom once and it should be thrown out in the trash when you’re done.
  1. If you are having group sex, or sex with multiple partners, change condoms between people every time.
  1. If you’re having anal sex, condoms are your best bet to prevent HIV and STIs. Use them!  
  1. If you have a penis and feel like you cum too quickly, you can practice jerking off with a condom on and get used to the feeling – sometimes they can help you last longer!  
  1. Putting water-based or silicone-based lube inside the condom is more comfortable for some people! Do NOT use Vaseline or other oil-based lubes with latex condoms, as they might break the condom.  
  1. Store condoms in room temperature, in a cool, dry place away from sharp objects to ensure that the quality does not deteriorate with heat or humidity exposure (do NOT store condoms in hot or cold environments, like the fridge, in the car, outside, in your wallet n your pocket, etc.).

FYI, condoms are widely available and even free in some places. Make sure to look up where to purchase condoms and keep them close before having sex, so when the moment feels right, you can grab one and get going! 🔥  

For more detailed info, check out the condom section on the HIV/STI Prevention page.

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