Our everyday lives, emotions, and environments can sometimes lead us to make decisions that we know (deep down) aren’t great for us—like, using drugs, hurting ourselves, or having sex even if it doesn’t feel good.

Some people deal with their feelings by drinking and using drugs, but sometimes it doesn’t turn out to be as helpful as they thought it would be.

If you’re planning on drinking alcohol or using drugs, it’s worth learning how to use them in safer ways.

We know that there are many different reasons why people use drugs. It can be a social thing (like going to a party, chilling with friends), to calm nerves, or to feel relaxed before sex. Drugs can also be an outlet when struggling with mental health issues. Using them can be thrilling and/or potentially provide a break from racing thoughts or persistent feelings of anxiety, sadness, or loneliness, but they can also lead us to darker places and influence us to act in ways that are different from our normal selves.  

Chronic substance use leads to more long-lasting changes in our brains, and when we feel we have to take a substance to feel good on a regular basis, we become dependent on that drug.

If you’re using substances, even just sometimes, check in with yourself about whether this will have a good or bad effect on your health and your overall happiness. 💞

In this section of Sexfluent, we’ll aim to bring you tips on safer drug use as well as get into some more juicy issues, but we could really use your help! Let us know how you’d like this page to look like and the topics you’d want to learn more about. Drop your suggestions in this box below 🗳


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